The Paul Parent Garden Club Show

Post By in Home & Garden on Feb 12, 2018

The Paul Parent Garden Club Show

Host: Paul Parent
Sun 6 AM-10 AM EST

“Good Morning, Gardeners!” is the cheery Sunday morning greeting familiar to over half a million radio listeners in New England and more from the rest of the USA, from “Mr. Nice Guy”, Paul Parent, among other horticultural endeavors, Paul Parent has hosted “Paul Parent Garden Club” every Sunday morning on his syndicated talk show.

For the last twenty-three years, “The Paul Parent Garden Club Show” has focused on accurate and up to date information. His show is fun, interesting, and entertaining with a relaxed format where listeners are anxious to participate with questions and comments on a wide variety of topics. He appeals to young and old with gardening information on how to ensure a successful gardening project. The listening public has been listening and receiving sensible advice for over twenty-three years from their friend Paul.

As Paul often says, “There is no such thing as a dumb gardening question!” It is this approach that has built confidence and loyalty as well as ever-expanding listeners. Paul loves to teach what he has learned from others to everyone he meets or listens to him, either at his lectures or on the air.